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> Трябва ли Куман да продължи и през 2021/22 - vol. 2, Втора серия..всеки месец ще е така..до оставката
Да продължи ли Куман като треньор на Барселона
Да продължи ли Куман през 2021/22 като треньор на Барселона
Да, защото.. [ 2 ] ** [15.38%]
Не, защото.. [ 4 ] ** [30.77%]
Да, ако... [ 3 ] ** [23.08%]
Ши*ан некадърник [ 4 ] ** [30.77%]
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5 misconceptions about Koeman's performance at Barca

Since the recent rumors of Koeman being replaced next season have gained attention, many fans have started discussing his (good or bad) performance. Unfortunately, some misconceptions have been widely spread which I aim to correct.

Statement 1: Koeman has brought Araujo and Fati into the first team.

Araujo was already in the first team in 2019 and even appeared in the 4-0 win against Sevilla where he got a red card when Valverde still was coach. The same applies for Ansu Fati who even scored against Inter in December 2019 under Valverde. So it’s a misconception that Koeman was responsible for their inclusion.

Statement 2: Koeman had good performances until the start of this drop.

Under him, Barca only won 4 out of the first 10 games (4 losses and 2 draws) this La Liga season. Now, of course he was still new so should not necessarily be judged on that especially as he went 19 games unbeaten until the next loss. However, when taking in account that he has not won a single game against top 3 clubs the whole season across all competitions, except the 2-0 against Juventus where Cristiano was not playing, that ‘good performance’ of 19 unbeaten games is questionable.

Statement 3: Koeman has done better than last season’s Barca

La liga: Last season, Barcelona ended second place with 82 points.

This season, Barca can end fourth place with a minimum of 76 or third place with a maximum of 79 points.

UCL: Last season, Barcelona got knocked out in the QF. This season, Barca got knocked out in the round of 16.

So as one can see, Barca under Koeman has regressed in the UCL and La Liga but did win the CdR trophy as improvement.

Statement 4: It’s not him, look at the players

A coach can only do so much but Koeman makes the most questionable and irrational choices with regards to tactics and substitutions. In the first game against PSG, he completely ignored that Mbappe is the fastest attacker which needs an own plan to be dealt with. This is something anybody who would watch a youtube highlight video of Mbappe could see.Instead, he played to Mbappe’s strength by playing a high line and then getting humiliated.

Roberto was awful in the game against Villareal, yet Koeman keeps using him while players like Firpo (who actually showed he has acceptable defensive skills in the second leg against PSG) are left on the bench. Moreover, he used to employ Frenkie as a CB which was at least acceptable against weaker teams but he stopped doing it, instead using players like Umtiti and Roberto. Those players dragging Barca down only happened because Koeman put them on the field, so Koeman should be held accountable for their performances.

Statement 5: This squad is not competitive enough to win the national title

It is true that the current squad is not of the quality to win the UCL. The problem is however that Barca even loses against teams with even weaker squads. Losing/drawing here and there always happens, but with Koeman it is systematic. We cannot say ‘it is good that Barca has to play against Granada’ because even Granada right now can beat Koeman’s Barca.

Thus, the weak squad argument can only go so far if you even lose/draw against weaker squads.

It's always a bit difficult to determine if the success is from the manager or the players. The most direct insight we get into what the manager contributes is his subs during games. And Koeman has been incredibly bad. The subs he made in the first clasico were so bad I couldn't believe it. Not even my Sunday league coach would fuck up that bad.

Източник: https://www.reddit.com/r/Barca/comments/nec...performance_at/

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